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Squishy couch. Messy house.

3 Jun

After eating a huge delicious bowl of Mallow Oats cereal with organic milk, I’m lazily lounging on our flopsy mopsy squishy green couch enjoying the afternoon.  The windows are open and the weather is beautiful.  The breeze is lightly blowing in airing out each room in my home.  I love how the house smells after the wind has been blowing through it all day.

I have an overflowing basket of laundry sitting by my tv, a stack of thank you cards that have been begging to be written for two weeks now, and a chair full of baby clothes that need to be sorted and organized into their appropriate cubby holes in my son’s newly cleaned closet.  The whole house needs a good mopping, dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, and organizing.  I have plans to do it today and due to the intense urge to ‘nest’ and get things in order, I think it will actually happen.

But, for now, my couch has enveloped me in comfort and I am content to simply think about what needs to be done.  Maybe, times like this are appropriate for organizing our thoughts and figuring out what needs to be accomplished next.  Yesterday, I didn’t think about it, I just acted, and a lot got done.  Today, I will ponder all of the things I’m thankful for…  like, this squishy couch and my messy house.