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Judgmental Uneducated Closedminded Christian Bigot

9 Jun

I am a judgmental, uneducated, close minded, Christian bigot.  That’s right, folks!  Step right on up to start flogging me for my menacing presence in this modern day society.  The way I think is clearly offensive, rude, and intolerable and is thus worthy of punishment on a metaphorical cross of shame.

I am culturally irresponsible for not being tolerant of a modern world that is constantly changing and my ridiculous refusal to alter my way of thinking along with it is simply blasphemous.  On top of that, if I keep acting in such a vulgar manner, I will end up raising my children to be targeted for their oppositional behavior to a lifestyle which clearly they should be permissive and understanding of.  This is clearly unacceptable.

At least this is the message I’ve been getting lately…

Everywhere I go, it seems that the glories of promiscuity, lewd talk, immorality, and freedom to do exactly as one feels whenever one feels it are being shouted from every street corner, roof top, and television screen.  There are tv shows about being happily divorced, the scandals of being pregnant at 16, the necessity of killing our children’s egos sweetly (dance mom’s anyone?), squids who disrespect Jesus and wear “Booty Hunter” hats, fist fights and screaming matches in Jersey, gay designers flamboyantly telling me where to shove my furniture, one telling me what to wear and another telling me what I can’t wear, comedic twists on late night booty calls, girlfriends stealing boyfriends, being a pretty little liar, sneaking around on your parents, dressing way older than you actually are and acting it as well (Disney channel, anyone?), husbands cheating on wives, neighborhood secrets of desperate women, anatomical hospital dramas revolving around each characters revolving sexual door, cartoons for the late night viewer with claymation characters humping while they wildly scream their pleasure (but it’s ok cuz it’s clay!), movies that teach me about the sweet love between two gay men, why we should leave our partners when they make us unhappy, and how to hook up with the hottest guy/girl at the bar.  Not only that, but every time I flip my radio station dial, walk into a grocery store, or simply have my windows open at home, the music screams sex at me.  How I should be sexy and know it, drink pitron and take someone home, all while kissing girls and liking it.  The images I see not only from my tv screen, but also on billboards, in movie theater advertisements, malls, commercials (which promote sex at every turn because remember, Peanuts, M&Ms, and Poptarts are such HOTT items…ooh baby), magazines, and internet ads all proclaim the glories of perfectly perky breasts, wide open mouths tantalizing the viewer with their cherry bomb lip glosses, curvaceous legs hinting of so much more, bare chested men with pants hanging just far enough off to lead your eyes exactly there, blue haired women wearing suggestive cupcakes as breasts and panting as if in the throes of a sexual act, gay lovers raising children joyfully in the latest style, huge posters of the sexiest curviest stick figure models wearing underwear that you should wear too, as well as tutorials on how to shake your butt, move your hips, and lick your lips.

But, if I were to say that I think any of these things is wrong, people say “now now, it’s not that bad…”  If I even mouthed that I thought the promotion of gay marriage is wrong I am in fear of hellfire and may in fact be damned to hell by all of modernistic society.  Even saying I don’t agree with it is quite scandalous.  And to raise my children that I think it’s inappropriate is also simply cruel to those around me.  Of course, this doesn’t take into account that I never said I hated any one particular individual or was even judging them…simply stating that I don’t agree with a particular lifestyle or that I refuse to glorify it as beautiful and just.  In fact, for me to be so ridiculous as to want to raise my children to abstain from sexual intercourse until they are married is the stupidest thing a parent could do.  Rather, I should be putting my child on birth control so they don’t get pregnant just in case they decide they want to call up their boyfriend for a romp in the sack or hand out condoms to my son with the hot girlfriend who we know he’s gonna “do” (and here’s a few tips, son, on how to ‘win the ladies’).  Not only that, but from a very young age, I should be buying my elementary aged daughter the latest fashion even if it is incredibly revealing, glamorous, or suggestive (why is the word Pink on every “cool” butt that walks by me???) because as they get to middle and high school my daughter has to look “hott” in her skin tight t-shirt with the v-neck that hangs open just enough and the jeans that emphasize her hormonally charged round bottom.  At the age of 7, I should be thinking it’s cute when my children want to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” with someone else and I should continue to think it’s cute all the way up to the age of 17 because, I mean, if it’s ok at 7, why wouldn’t it be ok at 11?  Might as well just go along with it and take pictures of your adorable child holding hands, kissing, or snuggling.

Why aren’t we teaching our young men to respect young ladies bodies?  Why aren’t we teaching our young ladies that their body is holy and the only thing they truly have and to give it away to the ‘highest hott bidder’ simply cheapens the beauty of who they are?  Why can’t we tell our child that a certain behavior or way of dress is inappropriate?  How come it’s wrong for me to say, “No, young lady, you can’t wear that out of the house and please sit like a lady.”  (as in, don’t let your legs just hang open because there are a lot of freaks out there looking…even if she is just 6…child molestation, anyone?)  What is wrong with me teaching my son or my daughter that they can talk to me anytime they want to about sex, drugs, or alcohol but that it is absolutely inappropriate for them to be involved in any of those things.  Why am I the mean parent for deciding to not buy my children alcohol before they turn 21 instead of buying it for them in lieu of the fact that they’re going to drink it anyways?  How come it’s wrong for me to not only teach my children what is wrong but to also punish my child for breaking the rules?  Why is it more socially acceptable for me to buy a lollipop for my annoyingly disobedient 2 year old when he screams for one but it’s not acceptable for me to say NO?  And how come it’s wrong for me to swat the bottom of an out of control little one (I didn’t say beat…  God forbid we mix that one up)?  Why can’t I teach my children that sex outside of marriage is not only dangerous to their health (std’s anyone???), but it is also damaging to their emotional well being (anyone ever get rejected, dumped, trashed?), and completely too overwhelming of a burden for them to bear?  Why can’t I encourage appropriate attraction towards the opposite sex instead of encouraging any whim that comes their way?  Why is it wrong for me to say that sin is wrong in general and that there are certain Godly guidelines that our offspring should follow? Why can’t I teach my children to “love the sinner but not the sin”?

What is so wrong with guidelines?

Or maybe I’m asking the wrong questions….

How come more parents aren’t OUTRAGED at what our children are being fed, not only by the media (how about sexy 14yr old Brittany Spears…see how that turned out?), but by clothing stores (should that REALLY be the style promoted to our children?  does my 9yr old need to wear cut off shirts and should my 17yr old be wearing a prom dress with her chest hanging out and huge cutouts from the back and sides of it?)  Are we just going to think it’s cute every time an adorable child is stripped down to naked and put on a huge poster for Abercrombie just because the picture looks amazingly artsy?  Is it just funny when we see commercials with products geared towards kids being sexually promoted?  It’s cute, right?  I’m sorry, I guess I forgot to laugh.  How come the media is making such a huge profit off of disrespectful teenagers, liars, sexual promiscuity, and murder?

But, it’s judgmental for me to think things are wrong.

I’m uneducated to not understand how people are wired and thus be accepting of every sexual choice, including but not limited to homosexuality, sexual intercourse before marriage, transvestites, and bi-sexuality.

My mind is too closed because I haven’t seen the light.  I haven’t realized the joy of letting people live happy and that if it is in the name of love it is justified and acceptable.

And yes, I’m a Christian Bigot because not only do I base my ideas on principles in the Bible but I’m unwilling to change therefore making me a cruel bigot.  Oh, and don’t forget, just the uneducated emotionally destitute need Jesus.  No one in their right mind could or would possibly make such a foolish decision to not only have faith but also to FOLLOW what Jesus said.  I mean, I should technically just be a Christian in word and not in deed because to ACT like a Christian is too offensive and cruel to those around me…

Simply because I have an opinion and don’t agree with what 87% of the world has deemed acceptable.

It’s a shame I can’t get my act together…