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Judgmental Uneducated Closedminded Christian Bigot

9 Jun

I am a judgmental, uneducated, close minded, Christian bigot.  That’s right, folks!  Step right on up to start flogging me for my menacing presence in this modern day society.  The way I think is clearly offensive, rude, and intolerable and is thus worthy of punishment on a metaphorical cross of shame.

I am culturally irresponsible for not being tolerant of a modern world that is constantly changing and my ridiculous refusal to alter my way of thinking along with it is simply blasphemous.  On top of that, if I keep acting in such a vulgar manner, I will end up raising my children to be targeted for their oppositional behavior to a lifestyle which clearly they should be permissive and understanding of.  This is clearly unacceptable.

At least this is the message I’ve been getting lately…

Everywhere I go, it seems that the glories of promiscuity, lewd talk, immorality, and freedom to do exactly as one feels whenever one feels it are being shouted from every street corner, roof top, and television screen.  There are tv shows about being happily divorced, the scandals of being pregnant at 16, the necessity of killing our children’s egos sweetly (dance mom’s anyone?), squids who disrespect Jesus and wear “Booty Hunter” hats, fist fights and screaming matches in Jersey, gay designers flamboyantly telling me where to shove my furniture, one telling me what to wear and another telling me what I can’t wear, comedic twists on late night booty calls, girlfriends stealing boyfriends, being a pretty little liar, sneaking around on your parents, dressing way older than you actually are and acting it as well (Disney channel, anyone?), husbands cheating on wives, neighborhood secrets of desperate women, anatomical hospital dramas revolving around each characters revolving sexual door, cartoons for the late night viewer with claymation characters humping while they wildly scream their pleasure (but it’s ok cuz it’s clay!), movies that teach me about the sweet love between two gay men, why we should leave our partners when they make us unhappy, and how to hook up with the hottest guy/girl at the bar.  Not only that, but every time I flip my radio station dial, walk into a grocery store, or simply have my windows open at home, the music screams sex at me.  How I should be sexy and know it, drink pitron and take someone home, all while kissing girls and liking it.  The images I see not only from my tv screen, but also on billboards, in movie theater advertisements, malls, commercials (which promote sex at every turn because remember, Peanuts, M&Ms, and Poptarts are such HOTT items…ooh baby), magazines, and internet ads all proclaim the glories of perfectly perky breasts, wide open mouths tantalizing the viewer with their cherry bomb lip glosses, curvaceous legs hinting of so much more, bare chested men with pants hanging just far enough off to lead your eyes exactly there, blue haired women wearing suggestive cupcakes as breasts and panting as if in the throes of a sexual act, gay lovers raising children joyfully in the latest style, huge posters of the sexiest curviest stick figure models wearing underwear that you should wear too, as well as tutorials on how to shake your butt, move your hips, and lick your lips.

But, if I were to say that I think any of these things is wrong, people say “now now, it’s not that bad…”  If I even mouthed that I thought the promotion of gay marriage is wrong I am in fear of hellfire and may in fact be damned to hell by all of modernistic society.  Even saying I don’t agree with it is quite scandalous.  And to raise my children that I think it’s inappropriate is also simply cruel to those around me.  Of course, this doesn’t take into account that I never said I hated any one particular individual or was even judging them…simply stating that I don’t agree with a particular lifestyle or that I refuse to glorify it as beautiful and just.  In fact, for me to be so ridiculous as to want to raise my children to abstain from sexual intercourse until they are married is the stupidest thing a parent could do.  Rather, I should be putting my child on birth control so they don’t get pregnant just in case they decide they want to call up their boyfriend for a romp in the sack or hand out condoms to my son with the hot girlfriend who we know he’s gonna “do” (and here’s a few tips, son, on how to ‘win the ladies’).  Not only that, but from a very young age, I should be buying my elementary aged daughter the latest fashion even if it is incredibly revealing, glamorous, or suggestive (why is the word Pink on every “cool” butt that walks by me???) because as they get to middle and high school my daughter has to look “hott” in her skin tight t-shirt with the v-neck that hangs open just enough and the jeans that emphasize her hormonally charged round bottom.  At the age of 7, I should be thinking it’s cute when my children want to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” with someone else and I should continue to think it’s cute all the way up to the age of 17 because, I mean, if it’s ok at 7, why wouldn’t it be ok at 11?  Might as well just go along with it and take pictures of your adorable child holding hands, kissing, or snuggling.

Why aren’t we teaching our young men to respect young ladies bodies?  Why aren’t we teaching our young ladies that their body is holy and the only thing they truly have and to give it away to the ‘highest hott bidder’ simply cheapens the beauty of who they are?  Why can’t we tell our child that a certain behavior or way of dress is inappropriate?  How come it’s wrong for me to say, “No, young lady, you can’t wear that out of the house and please sit like a lady.”  (as in, don’t let your legs just hang open because there are a lot of freaks out there looking…even if she is just 6…child molestation, anyone?)  What is wrong with me teaching my son or my daughter that they can talk to me anytime they want to about sex, drugs, or alcohol but that it is absolutely inappropriate for them to be involved in any of those things.  Why am I the mean parent for deciding to not buy my children alcohol before they turn 21 instead of buying it for them in lieu of the fact that they’re going to drink it anyways?  How come it’s wrong for me to not only teach my children what is wrong but to also punish my child for breaking the rules?  Why is it more socially acceptable for me to buy a lollipop for my annoyingly disobedient 2 year old when he screams for one but it’s not acceptable for me to say NO?  And how come it’s wrong for me to swat the bottom of an out of control little one (I didn’t say beat…  God forbid we mix that one up)?  Why can’t I teach my children that sex outside of marriage is not only dangerous to their health (std’s anyone???), but it is also damaging to their emotional well being (anyone ever get rejected, dumped, trashed?), and completely too overwhelming of a burden for them to bear?  Why can’t I encourage appropriate attraction towards the opposite sex instead of encouraging any whim that comes their way?  Why is it wrong for me to say that sin is wrong in general and that there are certain Godly guidelines that our offspring should follow? Why can’t I teach my children to “love the sinner but not the sin”?

What is so wrong with guidelines?

Or maybe I’m asking the wrong questions….

How come more parents aren’t OUTRAGED at what our children are being fed, not only by the media (how about sexy 14yr old Brittany Spears…see how that turned out?), but by clothing stores (should that REALLY be the style promoted to our children?  does my 9yr old need to wear cut off shirts and should my 17yr old be wearing a prom dress with her chest hanging out and huge cutouts from the back and sides of it?)  Are we just going to think it’s cute every time an adorable child is stripped down to naked and put on a huge poster for Abercrombie just because the picture looks amazingly artsy?  Is it just funny when we see commercials with products geared towards kids being sexually promoted?  It’s cute, right?  I’m sorry, I guess I forgot to laugh.  How come the media is making such a huge profit off of disrespectful teenagers, liars, sexual promiscuity, and murder?

But, it’s judgmental for me to think things are wrong.

I’m uneducated to not understand how people are wired and thus be accepting of every sexual choice, including but not limited to homosexuality, sexual intercourse before marriage, transvestites, and bi-sexuality.

My mind is too closed because I haven’t seen the light.  I haven’t realized the joy of letting people live happy and that if it is in the name of love it is justified and acceptable.

And yes, I’m a Christian Bigot because not only do I base my ideas on principles in the Bible but I’m unwilling to change therefore making me a cruel bigot.  Oh, and don’t forget, just the uneducated emotionally destitute need Jesus.  No one in their right mind could or would possibly make such a foolish decision to not only have faith but also to FOLLOW what Jesus said.  I mean, I should technically just be a Christian in word and not in deed because to ACT like a Christian is too offensive and cruel to those around me…

Simply because I have an opinion and don’t agree with what 87% of the world has deemed acceptable.

It’s a shame I can’t get my act together…


Alvederzein, Dear Teacher.

5 Jun

Our home is one that tries to find ways to do things creatively and inexpensively.

Since we are ending the 2011/2012 school year, naturally, we want to show appreciation and love towards the woman who has been giving so much of herself to teach our son all year long.

I could buy a pretty plant or flower, but for some reason, while pretty, it seems like a waste of money purchasing something that will just fade and die.  So, my son and I started to brainstorm ideas.  I did a bit of looking on pinterest and got a few helpful hints regarding creative gifts for teachers, and from there our plan was formed.

We went to the grocery store with a goal of spending under $10.  On our list was:

  1. Smarties
  2. Extra gum
  3. Glue
  4. A wooden letter “A”
  5. 1 tiny bottle of acrylic paint
  6. Foam brushes

We were able to purchase these items for under $8.

At home, we had:

  1. Construction paper
  2. Markers
  3. Vase
  4. Ribbon
  5. Flowers growing around our house

After we had gathered all our items, I had my son start painting his letter “A”.

(His face still has tiger paint remnants left on it from his field day at school)

After he got the 1st coat of paint on the letter “A”, we went outside to choose flowers to put in a vase for his teacher.

Once he had made his choices on flowers he wanted, I had him put them in the vase.  Aren’t they pretty?

Once that was done, we came up with ideas for the tags we were going to hang from each item in our collection.  Using construction paper and markers we had at home, he started writing out phrases.

After all of the lines were written, we cut them out, made them in to tags by putting a piece of ribbon through them and then tied them around each gift.  This is the final result!

The tags say:

  1. “Freshly picked by Timothy” on the flowers
  2. “Thanks for keeping it together” on the glue
  3. “You’re Extra special” on the Extra gum
  4. “Thanks for making us all ‘smarties’ ” on the bag of Smarties
  5. “A is for Arnold” on the letter “A”

This was a super easy, fun, and inexpensive project full of heart for a very special lady in our lives.

Thank you, dear teacher, for all you have done for our son this year.  Alvederzein and God bless.


Mundane as Heck.

5 Jun

Mornings are interesting at my house.  It seems that while the alarm clock buzzes in time to get us all up and out of bed, we still find a way to lounge about for just a few more minutes.  Once we finally do roll our sleepy heads out of our comfortable cocoon of sheets and blankets, there isn’t an enormous amount of time to spare.  Yet, coffee is made, news is flipped on, facebook, e-mail, top headlines are checked, breakfast is munched.  With 7 minutes left on the clock, clothes are ironed, lunch is packed, shower is taken, and a frantic look about for keys, phone, wallet, badge, and shoes occurs.  A quick “I love you”, a peck on the lips or cheek if we’re lucky, door closes and locks, car starts and is heard speeding away down the road.

I stand in silence for a minute.  Sometimes saying a prayer for my husband.  Other times muttering under my breath.  I unplug the iron, fold down the ironing board, put them both away, and go knock on my son’s door to get him moving for the morning.

As I push him through the morning steps; vitamin, breakfast (yes you can have milk in a glass instead of in your cereal…  DRINK your milk!!!!….  You can look at the birds out the window but you have to keep eating!!!…), shower (but, with the door slightly propped open so I can holler a “get out now” without trying to muffle it through the closed door, shower curtain, and barreling water falling over my child’s ears…and of course, the constant reminder before the shower even begins to make sure you have a towel…), get dressed (did you get your dirty clothes out of the bathroom???), make your bed, clean up your room, brush your teeth, go make your hair look less crazy please, Oh geez… I forgot to make his lunch.  Sigh.  Running about the kitchen grabbing lunch items together while my kid worriedly stares at me, sweatshirt on, book bag slung over his shoulder, concern dripping from his every pore that he may in fact miss the early bus…  me, annoyed, knowing he WON’T miss the early bus.  Lunch passed off, hug and kiss and lots of “I love yous” and reminders to be well behaved at school, door closes, and my son is running down the sidewalk to get to the corner and wait for his beloved bus ride.

Sometimes I sit on the couch listening for the bus and breathe a sigh of relief once I know he has made it on… Other times, I stand at the window peering out at his slight form standing there waiting, and I smile…and often want to cry.

When I see him standing there, I am so very reminded of how quickly the years have flown by.  How did we get to this point where I’m even ok with him standing near the road let alone on a sidewalk by himself???  And since when does my kid take showers by himself and feed his own face?  When exactly DID that start happening?  Because, before my very eyes, my son is getting taller, more handsome, a bit more ruddy in the cheeks, full of ideas and opinions, and a drive and passion for life that is never stomped down even when faced with adversity.  My son is becoming a man right before my very eyes.  I try to not envision him as a teenager because that not only makes me intensely freaked out but it also makes my eyes water….so, I push that thought aside and turn to look at the morning aftermath.

There is bread to be put away, peanut butter containers and jelly jars to screw the lids back on to, crumbs to swipe off the counter, sticky messes to be wiped up, baggies to be put back in the cupboard, milk and cereal messes to make sure aren’t forming gelatinous concrete style masses on my kitchen table, load of dishes to start, coffee pot to turn off, water to be dried up off the bathroom floor, lights to turn off, and a huge sigh of relief to be taken as I gingerly set my 8 month pregnant self on the couch.

It takes me about an hour of researching, facebook-ing, myfitnesspal-ing, blogging, and e-mailing to realize that I am an exhausted mess.

Occasionally, I’ll march my tired self straight back to bed.  Other times, I’ll push away the exhaustion, throw my hair up in a bun, pull on my socks, tie up my tennis shoes, and walk in the morning peace and quiet listening to the birdies chirp for the next 40minutes.  Either way, no matter which one I choose first, the other one is always sure to follow.

There have been moments where I have felt like a complete and utter failure as a wife and a parent knowing the seeming chaos that occurs each and every morning.  Yet, there is comfort in even this pressured routine.  Oh, I’ve made charts to follow strictly and I’ve planned ahead and made lunches the night before (only to half the time have them forgotten in the refrigerator… eh hem).  I’ve even set the timer on the coffee pot so it’s all ready to go when my husband stumbles blindly and dead tired into the kitchen to pour himself a mug full.  Sometimes, I’ll have even gone so far as to have every single pair of dress pants washed, ironed, hung, and ready to go in the closet so I can just pretend I’m not awake in bed and let things take care of themselves.

But, truth be told, while I enjoy my slumber, I don’t enjoy it more than the few moments I have snuggled under a big blanket on the couch with my husband chugging my water while he sips his coffee and we both make remarks on the appalling things we see on the news.  I like to be the last one to say goodbye to him in the morning, passing off his thermos of coffee, lunch bag, keys, phone, book, and badge while announcing exactly where his shoes and jacket are so he isn’t looking for them.  Even though it is quick, the hurried “I love yous” and occasional kiss before he rushes out the door are all worth it to me.

It is our routine.  It is our life.  It is what we do and it is who we are.  To be the perfectly ordered family with each check in the box slashed off while I wear my a-line dress, heals, and bow in my hair just simply won’t ever happen.  We do our best, we love as much as we possibly can, and while this sort of routine can have frustrations and may morph into something more ‘reasonable’ with time, for now, it works.

Being content with exactly who and what your family is can sometimes be a challenge, but looking at yourselves with a kind eye can only make what you see more precious and dear.

I call these sorts of realizations “watering my soul”…  Yea, they are mundane as heck, but it is exactly what we all need to truly grow…

Squishy couch. Messy house.

3 Jun

After eating a huge delicious bowl of Mallow Oats cereal with organic milk, I’m lazily lounging on our flopsy mopsy squishy green couch enjoying the afternoon.  The windows are open and the weather is beautiful.  The breeze is lightly blowing in airing out each room in my home.  I love how the house smells after the wind has been blowing through it all day.

I have an overflowing basket of laundry sitting by my tv, a stack of thank you cards that have been begging to be written for two weeks now, and a chair full of baby clothes that need to be sorted and organized into their appropriate cubby holes in my son’s newly cleaned closet.  The whole house needs a good mopping, dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, and organizing.  I have plans to do it today and due to the intense urge to ‘nest’ and get things in order, I think it will actually happen.

But, for now, my couch has enveloped me in comfort and I am content to simply think about what needs to be done.  Maybe, times like this are appropriate for organizing our thoughts and figuring out what needs to be accomplished next.  Yesterday, I didn’t think about it, I just acted, and a lot got done.  Today, I will ponder all of the things I’m thankful for…  like, this squishy couch and my messy house.


1 Jun

After a long day of nothingness, family bike riding, bedtime looming, and trip still needing to be made to the grocery store, I was exhausted.

Upon arriving home, my very tired over worked husband sat on the couch and picked up the computer.

The children munched on snacky things.

Grocery store.

I told the kids they had ten minutes to finish their snack, brush their teeth, and ready themselves for bed.  By that time, I assured them I would be home from the grocery store and I expected them to be snuggled up and in their beds waiting to be tucked in.  They assured me this would happen.

I left for the grocery store and what should have taken me ten minutes ended up taking me twenty, simply because I stood in aisle 7 staring at the peanut butter jars contemplating which one really would be best.  And then I got stuck on the jellies.  Sigh.  Sometimes, grocery shopping can be so intriguing.  Unfortunately, it’s weird quirks and nuances always seem to settle in at the most inopportune times.


Ah, yes.  Those.  I threw a few more things in my now too heavy basket and put my items through the self checkout.

As soon as I got to the car, I remembered that I had forgotten to purchase the milk.  I sat there contemplating whether I should go back in the store seeing how I was still in the parking lot or go home.  I opted for home, promising myself I would get milk the next day.  Of course, I still haven’t gotten the milk and it’s currently two days past.

Pulling in to the driveway, I saw a tiny 9 year old figure run from the living room.  My husband, still on the couch with his computer.  Opening the door, I called out an inquiry as to who it was I saw running from the living room.  Naturally there was silence.  And then, my husband chuckled and said it was our daughter.

I went in to our daughter’s room and asked if she had been in the living room.  She said yes, and then in the sweetest voice and face she could muster up said ‘I just wanted to spend time with Daddy.’  To which I replied that regardless of what her wishes were, my instructions had been for her to get in bed and that hadn’t happened and I didn’t appreciate the disobedience.  There was also a firm warning that this should not happen again.

I walked into our son’s room.

He is also 9 years old.  Yet, my son and my daughter are not twins, rather step-siblings, or rather, best friends.

He was under his covers, waiting to be tucked in.  And then, I noticed the jeans sticking out from the end of the bed sheet.  Along the way, he had missed the crucial step of getting ready for bed.  Sigh.  Frustrated, I told him this was ridiculous and that he needed to promptly get his rear in gear and get his night clothes on.  He was upset that he had forgot such an easy step and I was confused as to how someone could possibly forget that step.

I walked down the hallway ranting about how I obviously have to be home announcing every step of their get ready for bed process so as to ensure that they did as they were told and how ridiculous I thought it was that two 9 year old children couldn’t figure it out on their own.

Fuming about this still, I buckled in my frustrations at 9:50pm, gave them both kisses and hugs, tucked them in, turned off their lights and shut their separate doors.  With their bedtime normally set for 9pm and my dread of the imminent crabbiness I would have to endure in the morning, my brain was a bit fried.

Naturally, my frustrations turned towards my husband since he hadn’t stepped in while I was gone for that short period of time to make sure that the children had done as they were told.  I wasn’t impressed at all that our daughter was getting the mixed signal that when I’m away what I say is no longer valid or important if it is under the guise of ‘spending time with daddy.’  It would have meant so much to me if my husband had made it clear to the kids that obeying was more important than choosing when we do or don’t want to listen.  It ticked me off, to be quite frank, and my feelings were hurt.  Still are, in fact.

But, I chose this moment, as I sat glaring at his down turned computer illuminated face, to stay silent.  I just simply kept my mouth shut.  I didn’t want an argument.  What was the point of reprimanding my husband?  If he did not understand the simple importance of being a unified front, how can I change that with a few harshly tossed out bitter words of frustration?  I can’t.  At some point, I’m sure this topic will come up and I’ll be able to share my thoughts in an even keeled manner that will not be insulting or degrading to him as an individual, but for now, this was my moment to grow.  It was my moment to sink my roots down way deep into the soil of my soul and say No to the voice that screamed at me to let him have it.  I chose to not treat my husband like a child and appreciate the effort he had made taking care of the kids while I had been gone for a few hours before dinner.  I chose to appreciate the fact that he had made a delicious spaghetti dinner for everyone, and I chose to appreciate the effort he made loading all of our bikes in the car so we could spend time together as a family.

Naturally, something else came up, schedule related and due to my already tense state, we had a bit of a spat.  I was not happy about this spat as I had been trying so hard to keep my mouth shut.  He grabbed a Pabst and muttering, went downstairs settling in with Cinderella Man.  I followed him downstairs and announced that I thought this misunderstanding was stupid and I didn’t like it to which my comments were met with a brick wall of indifference.  Frustrated beyond belief, steam pouring out of my ears, and eyes bugging out from keeping my angry mouth shut, I chose to grow a bit more still.  Pulling out a handful of brightly colored index cards, I started writing down my thoughts.  On each card, there was a little blip about how silly I thought our day had become after we had spent such a marvelous time together as a family.  I told my husband I loved him and that I refused for us to give in to crabbiness this evening.

I went downstairs, somewhat begrudgingly as I still wanted to yell at him, with the cards behind my back, and sat down next to him on the couch.  He didn’t look at me.  I pulled the first card out and passed it to him.

Without even reading it, a big sheepish grin washed over his face, and my soul gave a huge sigh of relief.  He started reading each card, smiling with each one, laughing a little at some, trying to compose himself with others, until I finally passed him the card reading “I’m sorry.”  He put his hand on my knee, we shared a grin, and finished watching the end of Cinderella Man together.

It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.  I think that’s how it feels every time we grow.