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All Natural C-Section Birth Plan

20 Feb
C-Section Birth & Hospital Plan for Baby __________________
Parents:  _______________________________________
1)  No interns, residents, or students
2)  As baby is delivered, please lower the curtain a bit and lift her up for mom to see if possible  
3)  Do not cut or clamp the cord upon delivery.  Please leave the placenta attached to baby until the cord goes limp.  
This may take a few minutes, so, please be patient!  Here is an example of what the cord looks like before and what it will look like afterwards.  
Inline image 1
During this time, I’d love to see my daughter.  Would it be possible to wheel her over to me or simply allow her to be in my direct line of sight?  
Dad would like to cut the cord when ready!  
4)  No Hep B, Vitamin K, or Erythromycin.  
5)  Please do not offer any formula to me for my baby as I will be exclusively breastfeeding.
6)  When giving baby a bath, please use soap provided by mom & dad  (gentle Dr. Bronner’s)
7)  Do not take baby out of either mom or dad’s sight at any point.
THANK YOU so much for respecting our wishes and taking such great care of us while at Mid-Michigan.  
We appreciate all of you very much!!!!