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Softness Worth Sharing

30 Oct

As I listened to my 9 year son coughing and sniffling the other day, I realized that cold and flu season are about to hit us full force.  Don’t you just hate it when your friends and loved ones are feeling under the weather?  I’m sure most of you are like me and would love a way to brighten their day but to also help them feel better.

Well, Kleenex has made that possible with an initiative called “Softness Worth Sharing”.  There couldn’t be an easier way to show how much you care!  Specially marked tissue boxes or tissue box bundles will have a code on them for purchase at your local retail store.  Once you purchase your box of Kleenex you simply go to and enter the code to send someone a lovely Kleenex Brand Share Pack or Kleenex Brand Care Pack!

If you purchase a single box of specially marked Kleenex tissues, entering your code with allow you to also share a box of Kleenex with a friend in need via The Kleenex Brand Share Pack.

If you purchase a bundle of Kleenex boxes (typically 3 boxes come in a bundle), you can send a get-well package via The Kleenex Brand Care Pack.  This Care Pack goes a bit above and beyond with the inclusion of a lip balm, hand sanitizer, Kleenex Brand Share Pack, Kleenex Brand Slim Pack, and a card that allows you to download up to 4 songs from select music artists!  How fun is that?

I’m sure this would definitely boost someone’s spirits if they were to receive a lovely surprise like this.

I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful tip and are able to use it as a way to ‘kick off’ this year’s season of giving!

Best wishes for health and wellness to everyone.  🙂


Baby Love

6 Sep

When I look at myself in the mirror, I can definitely pick out all my flaws;  the ill fitting clothes, the bulges, the dark circles under my eyes, the greasy hair, the fact that I haven’t been able to find time to make a proper meal, brush my hair, put on any make up, or take a shower in 2 days.

But, I am learning a lesson… from my 7 week old son.  When he looks at me, he doesn’t see my flaws.  He just sees his mommy.  I can tell he loves me…unconditionally.  When I pick him up or make funny faces or noises, he’ll reward me with the most adorable little smiles.  He’ll stare into my face forever with his beautiful blue eyes, and I am overwhelmed with the fact that no matter how much wrong I see about myself, he sees all the good.  My baby just sees his mommy, the one he loves, no matter what.

I guess, it just reminded me that I need to look at myself differently.  I carried this tiny being inside of me for almost 10 months.  I nurse and nurture my tiny babe with all the love I can possibly muster from my heart.  I sing, rock, bounce, and cuddle my little one.  I change dirty diapers 50 gazillion times a day.  I laugh at his silly little scream cry and the adorable faces he makes when he is waking up, sad, happy, intrigued, or upset.

Yea, I’m imperfect, and everyone else may see me that way too, but to this one little being, he sees me perfectly, loves me no matter what, and that makes all the difference.