You Must First Be Planted…

I’m just an ordinary woman with extraordinary dreams.  I try to live my life with purpose and meaning, yet half the time, I find myself completely bewildered as to how to do so and thus do nothing meaningful.  It is a battle for me.  I think deeply and don’t settle for anything less than what I truly believe in.  Knowing you have a voice and then actually using it are two different things.  It took me a long time to realize this…  Once I started using my voice, I started to like how it sounded, and I have to admit, at times, I am a bit too opinionated and maybe even overbearing or overwhelming.  These are character traits I do not care for in myself and work at constantly.  It is funny how we can “over correct” sometimes, isn’t it?

At the core of my whole being, I have an intense faith in God that will never die.  My mind questions the reasoning of certain things and at times I don’t even particularly like God.  While this may sound completely ridiculous, the only way I can relate anyone’s mind to this is to remind you of how you can love someone with the most intense undying passion and love but REALLY dislike them sometimes…  such as your husband, children, friends…  Being a Christian isn’t easy in this world.  I’m not sure it ever has been, yet, I feel like I am up against a daily battle of doing what I know in my heart is right, moral, holy, just, kind, loving, forgiving, and what the pressures of this world tell me are the “actual” way to do things correctly.  It is pretty hard knowing that my kids will at times really dislike me (surprise of all surprises that God is our Father…  oh, the ironies) because I am a “strict” parent.  That won’t go over so well when they’re teens, I’m sure.

My life has been a roller coaster of wonderful ups and horrific downs.  At some point in this “wordpress process”, I’m sure all of that will come out.  But, let’s just say that even though I’m only 29 years old, I have lived a LOT in my few years on planet earth.  God has brought me through so many hills and valleys to traverse that I’ve learned a lot about this terrain of life.  It’s hard to learn so much in such a short period of time and to not come off cocky with the wisdom you have gleaned and choose to share.  I think the difference comes when you share to tout your knowledge or when you share to sincerely guide and help.  Unfortunately, even the latter can be ill received.  Sometimes, you teach the most by being silent.

I’ve been married for 1 year + to my wonderful husband that the Lord blessed me with and I am so incredibly thankful for him.  It’s amazing how much your life can change in a short period of time.  We both brought children from previous marriages (remember the ups and downs I said I had been through?).  He brought a daughter and I brought a son.  They are only 6mo apart in age and are truly best of friends.

Currently, I am carrying a son in my womb and he is due to enter this world July 2012.  We are so excited to be able to share this part of our lives with each other and to bring our family even closer with this new addition.  Our children are extremely excited to be a big brother and big sister.

I’m a stay at home mom and occasional piano teacher.  I love to cook, write, research, think, and love (among many other things).  Through this blog, I’m certain that I’ll be sharing quite a few random thoughts and ideas as they just pop into my head or as I have time to record them.  This truly will be the most sincere version of me and I hope that what I have to share inspires and encourages those of you who read and who want to grow just like me.

Best wishes to you all,




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