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Baby Love

6 Sep

When I look at myself in the mirror, I can definitely pick out all my flaws;  the ill fitting clothes, the bulges, the dark circles under my eyes, the greasy hair, the fact that I haven’t been able to find time to make a proper meal, brush my hair, put on any make up, or take a shower in 2 days.

But, I am learning a lesson… from my 7 week old son.  When he looks at me, he doesn’t see my flaws.  He just sees his mommy.  I can tell he loves me…unconditionally.  When I pick him up or make funny faces or noises, he’ll reward me with the most adorable little smiles.  He’ll stare into my face forever with his beautiful blue eyes, and I am overwhelmed with the fact that no matter how much wrong I see about myself, he sees all the good.  My baby just sees his mommy, the one he loves, no matter what.

I guess, it just reminded me that I need to look at myself differently.  I carried this tiny being inside of me for almost 10 months.  I nurse and nurture my tiny babe with all the love I can possibly muster from my heart.  I sing, rock, bounce, and cuddle my little one.  I change dirty diapers 50 gazillion times a day.  I laugh at his silly little scream cry and the adorable faces he makes when he is waking up, sad, happy, intrigued, or upset.

Yea, I’m imperfect, and everyone else may see me that way too, but to this one little being, he sees me perfectly, loves me no matter what, and that makes all the difference.


Children’s Chores

4 Sep

My husband and I want our children to become more responsible around the home.  We want them to learn good work ethic and what it means to have a job well done.   Each day they are required to write down the chores they do.  At the end of the week, we add up what they have done and give them their “paycheck”.  With the money they have earned, we try to give guidance to our children on how to save, give, and spend their money appropriately.

Sometimes I will guide the kids on chores I want them to do, but I also let them choose how they want to earn their money.
These are the chores and what they earn. Chores with a * are “dailies”. If they did every chore on the list every day, they would earn $15 in a week.
I always expect them to make their beds, keep their bedrooms clean, put away their own clothes, and keep the play room clean.

*Empty Dishwasher .10c
*Fill Dishwasher .10c
Clean Kitchen Sink .10c
Clean Kitchen Counters & Table .10c
Clean Bathroom Sinks & Counters .05c
Clean Toilet .15c
Vacuum Living Room & Hallway .10c
Vacuum Basement .05c
*Sweep Kitchen Floor .10c
Sweep Bathroom Floor .05c
*Sweep Landing & Stairs .10c
Wash Kitchen & Living Room Windows .10c
Dust Surfaces in Kitchen & Living Room .05c
Dust Surfaces in Basement .05c
Dust Piano .05c
Clean Bath Tub .25c
*Refill Toilet Paper Holder .05c
*Empty Trash Cans & Take Out Trash .10c
*Straighten Shoe Rack .05c
*Take Everyone’s Laundry Downstairs .10c
*Wash/Dry One Load of Laundry .10c
*Fold One Load of Laundry .15c
*Carry folded laundry to each person’s room or put laundry away (ex. towels in towel closet) .05c
It’s important to guide your children in the appropriate way to do a chore, such as how you want the laundry done, dishwasher loaded, or specific item cleaned.
Hope this helps!